DRUCK DPI620-IS calibrator with the AMS Device Manager

Does anyone have experience with communicating a DRUCK DPI620-IS calibrator with the AMS Device Manager and the calibration snap on?  A call was placed with GSC many weeks ago with little response.


A note from my plant engineer.

How did Emerson get the DPI 620 working? It is an officially supported calibrator so it had to have been tested with AMS. What driver did Emerson use during testing? Did Emerson use intecal? If so which version. If not what is the name of the driver Emerson used during testing and who did they obtain the driver from? Which person at GE gave the people who tested the DPI 620 with AMS the unnamed driver in the KBA. Someone at Emerson wrote the KBA. Can we ask that person how they obtained the driver?

Some documentation references the zadg driver.  No one seems to know how to get this driver.

Execute/Run the USB utility file “zadig_v2.0.1.161.exe” to establish connectivity with the Druck Genii DPI620 Calibrator via USB port.


I would appreciate any comments / help based on your experiences.

  • Hello Rob,

    There are two pieces required to connect the DPI620 Calibrator to AMS Device Manager. First there is a .dll that needs to be registered on the AMS Device Manager station. This .dll was developed by Druck with our input and tells AMS Device Manager what commands are support by the calibrator. This is supplied in the KBA and should be fairly straight forward.

    The second piece is the USB driver that allows the DPI620 calibrator to connect to the PC. Druck did not supply a dedicated driver for this but recommended the Zadig utility to configure a universal USB connection. We have not included this utility with the initial KBA because we are looking into distribution rights and licenses. I can help you get a hold of this.

    Looking forward, it appears this utility is open license and I hope we can provide this directly. I just need to make sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s from the licensing perspective.

    Best Regards,

    Nicholas Meyer