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DTM with AMS



Does anyone have experience using DTMs with AMS? I read that AMS 12 supports them.

Books online states:

The DTM Launcher Application supports FDT version 1.2.1 HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus device DTMs only. FOUNDATION fieldbus support includes DTMs that require FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Level 0 support as defined in the FDT Annex specification for FOUNDATION fieldbus.

In general, device DTMs that meet these requirements will work in AMS Device Manager. Device DTMs are programmed to support a variety of applications, so some compatibility issues may be seen. Some device DTMs are constructed in a way that inhibits use with AMS Device Manager.

The DTM Launcher Application is started by selecting DTM Launcher Application from the context menu of a device in the AMS Device Manager Device Explorer window.

DTMs are made available by device manufacturers in a number of ways. They may be automatically installed when you click a link on the Internet. They may be provided in Internet-downloadable setup or zip files. Some may be provided on a CD or other media provided by the device manufacturer. However you receive the DTM "file package", the files must be installed on your workstation before you can configure your DTM associations. DTMs must be manually installed on each workstation in your distributed system. You may want to place all your DTM downloaded files in a dedicated folder on your workstation.

After you have received and installed the DTMs on your workstation, start up the DTM Catalog Manager. The list of DTMs is automatically refreshed. You can now make DTM associations to your devices which enables the DTM Launcher Application context menu selection.

I tried to install the DTMs for a Pepperl+Fuchs diagnostic gateway and an Endress+Hauser Levelflex instrument, but the DTM catalog manager does not see them.

Are they supported? How should the DTMs be used?




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