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AMSDbUser account blockage- AMS Device Manager 14.1.1


We were running a windows update patch on our AMS Device Manager v14.1.1 Server Plus which ran into a problem.

Now when we are starting AMS Device Manager, it gives error "Failed to Read License Count". I have confirmed, the license file is present in the AMS/Db folder.

I tried to re-install the AMS Device Manager Server Plus and it gave me the AMSDbUser error as attached in the snapshot. I noticed that SQL services are stopped in the windows and are not able to get started.

Can someone please help how to get rid of this problem.


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  • Hello Shaiq,  I believe you run into the DCOM security hardening.  Will will prevent your AMS ServerPlus and Client to communicate to each other and pass info across network.  There has been a KBA sent out for this issue: NK-2200-0030.  Right now, you can change some registration to bypass this or install the AMS 14.1.1 hotfix (NK-1900-1074).  I hope this information will help you get this resolve.  Please contact your Emerson Impact Partner or Field Service Office for help.