Improving Maintenance Program Effectiveness

Efficient Plant: Handhelds Enhance Field FunctionsThe mobile devices we use each day continue to advance in power and capabilities. This trend is also true for mobile devices used in manufacturing and production facilities.

In an Efficient Plant article, Handhelds Enhance Field Functions, Emerson’s Alessea Lane & Jose Verdugo highlight these advancements in handheld devices monitoring equipment in the process. They open:

Today’s handheld devices have advanced from simple data-gathering and field-communication tools to functioning as field “partners” that calibrate devices, detect machinery vibration, assist in analysis, and exchange data in real time with people and systems throughout an enterprise.

From a reliability program perspective, advancements:

…in handheld collection, analysis, and transmission of device and machinery data enable field technicians to streamline the capture, reporting, and response to abnormal or hazardous conditions that pose risks to reliability, safety, machinery performance, and, ultimately, process performance.

Alessea and Jose describe how these handheld tools, such as the AMS 2140 route-based vibration analyzer:

…with wireless capability enable the transfer of field data to a server. In fact, many handheld devices provide an automatic synchronization option. This allows maintenance management to immediately use the gathered data, know when each task is accomplished—whether device commissioning or rotating equipment monitoring—and see any unusual events or uneven machinery performance detected during the shift. All data collected usually include the date, time, and user stamp when automatically synced.

Read the article for more on how work processes are streamlined, mobile technology’s role in digital transformation initiatives, how operations personnel can achieve greater effectiveness in accomplishing tasks, and selection criteria for handheld devices.

Visit the Route-Based Vibration Analyzers section on for more on how these handheld technologies can help drive your predictive maintenance programs. You can also connect and interact with other reliability experts in the Asset Management group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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