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One of our midstream energy customers in Colorado recently upgraded their Rosemount 2120 level switches to the brand new wired HART Rosemount 2140 level detector.

Frustrated by the lack of information they were getting back from the level switches due to a lack of remote diagnostics functionality, the company wanted a smart device that would not just send an alarm in the event of an overfill, but would also alert in advance if there was an issue with the device, before it became a problem.

Emerson’s Karl White recommended the new Rosemount 2140, which would not only let personnel know in advance that maintenance was required by detecting gradual build-up or corrosion, but in addition the device’s remote proof-test feature would also provide a means of testing device functionality. With all diagnostics data available remotely, this would keep personnel off the tanks in the safety of the control room.

The company originally ordered six units for trial purposes but liked them so much they are have now ordered six more.

Find out more here: http://bit.ly/2uogdTQ