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Q&A: Processing Shale Feedstocks

Petroleum Technology Quarterly recently held a roundtable Q&A featuring thought leadership on the Refining & Oil & Gas industry's most pressing challenges. Emerson Refining Experts Gary Hawkins & Tim Olsen addresses topics such as:

-  Are technology suppliers and refiners in concurrence with strategies for dealing with furnace fouling, overhead corrosion, naphthenic acid corrosion, and so on? What unique approaches are evolving that can further enhance profitability?

-  Many inland refinery facilities are located close to shale crude plays. However, with the composition of shale crude chemistry being highly variable, what are the most favorable technical solutions for small-to-medium sized refiners?

-  What evolving in-the-field midstream oil and gas processing solutions should be of direct interest to downstream refiners in terms of making it easier to deal with shale crudes and asphaltenic crudes, beginning at the desalter/CDU interface?

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