Inter-zone server configuration

I have two zones with one Professional plus station and one operator station on each of them , I want to connect them via inter-zone. which licenses and equipment do I need?

  • In reply to Elahe ebrahimi:

    Hi Elahe, you definitely got me interested and I just went through a step-by-step configuration similar to what you have and I got it to work, but I also experienced the issue you described until I got everything right in place, and by that I mean the main two things you must have in place for Zones to work:

    1) The Zone you add to System A must have the same name of the Zone Name for System B, and vice versa. Each system has a Zone Name defined in the DeltaV_System > Properties which by default is "THISZONE" but you should change it to better define each system better, in my case I had Z1 and Z2 for example.

    2) You must configure both ends so the communications are properly established. If you have only one of the systems pointing to the other zone, then you will keep getting error messages and auto-sense will not work. As soon as you configure everything, download and wait few seconds, the Diagnostics page shall show everything working as needed.

    In my tests I forced the IP address of the remote zone manually instead of leaving it to automatically detect, but it should work both ways if you had the IZCN IP addresses in place before running Workstation Configuration on each IZS.

    Once steps (1) and (2) above are completed, the auto-sense function shall work just fine.

    Let me know what you see after trying the above. It should work fine!