0061 Coriolis Supports Efficient Cryogenic Metrological Certification & Saves Recalibration Costs_ Czech Metrology Inst_ Bilek

Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) is an European notified body for the Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2004/22/EC.
CMI needed a master meter for its mobile cryogenic verification system that offers accurate mass flow at cryogenic conditions, easy traceability, long term field stability and that would enable to simplify the recalibration procedure. Micro Motion Coriolis technology fulfills the CMI requirements, including established water traceability that enables CMI to simply recalibrate the master meter in-house on water, shortening downtime and saving $4000 per recalibration, equivalent to 90% saving on recalibration. CMI’s mobile verification system with Micro Motion Coriolis master meter on-board has now certified tens of trucks for cryogenic metrologi