Is your energy monitoring real-time ?

As more plants across the world adapt their processes to run increasing in automatic, bringing greater productivity and profitability can the same be said for Energy Monitoring & Reporting systems?

EMIS systems should reflect a real-time approach to identifying sources of 'waste' as early as possible. When every dollar counts in a constantly changing world with global pressures to be ever more competitive, its a surprise that many still rely on the humble spreadsheet for retrospective analysis of energy performance.

Real-time alerts of energy overconsumption can be captured, highlighted and corrective action taken to limit the potential of significant lost $$'s in expensive fuel costs and avoiding excessive plant emissions.

The Energy Advisor Consumption Monitoring Module, part of the Emerson Energy Advisor application allows users to identify and log root causes for energy over-consumption events. From this data, energy managers can review Pareto charts indicating the most frequent and costly reasons...click here to watch a demonstration.

Join me at the Industrial Energy Management Zone, where i can discuss how this and other features of the Energy Advisor application could bring benefits to your business.

Sam Thiara (MEng)

Business Development Manager, EMEA

Operational Certainty Consulting Group

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