Flow Measurement Update

At the Emerson Exchange Brussels conference, Emerson’s Christian Grossenbacher gave an update on flow measurement advancements as well as new service capabilities to support process manufacturers and producers. Here’s the abstract of the session:

Join us for a session to learn about exciting new developments in Flow Measurement. From an expanded portfolio of Flow products and solutions, state of the art production technologies in Europe, to exciting new innovations, this session will provide you with valuable insight and perspective.

Christian opened highlighting the range of flow technologies including Coriolis, density & viscosity, magnetic, vortex and ultrasonic. Additional technologies include subsea and topside multiphase measurement, reservoir modeling, metering solutions and lifecycle services.

He showed this video on the new services center in Romania for European manufacturers.

The big change with the facility is that the products are made in this facility. In the past, they were made in other world area with final assembly done in Europe. For the majority of requests, they can shipped within five working days.

Christian discussed the Micro Motion 5700 transmitter. This 2 ½ minute video shows some of the key capabilities to make it easier and effective to use.

Next was a look at the Daniel 3410 series ultrasonic meter that is multipath for the accuracy required for custody transfer applications.

He also highlighted more accurate Coriolis meters used in custody transfer applications with 0.1% application and one for high-pressure gas applications. A question came in for Coriolis versus Ultrasonic for custody tradition. The answer depends on the specific application and flow rates, changes in flow rates, composition of what is being measure and more. A tool will soon be released to help select the technology for the application.

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